Ella Sanderson manages the farms and estate at Ashton Manor. She’s an old-fashioned girl who knows what she likes. And she doesn’t like the ultra-modern garden designed for the ancient house by horticulture’s bad-boy, Connor McPherson.


Connor is just the type of man she’s learned to mistrust. Bright blue eyes and Irish charm may have captivated her employer Lady Susan—but not her! With all her protective instincts on high alert, Ella can’t disobey Lady Susan’s wishes for the garden, but she can just… not help.


Connor McPherson didn’t want the commission, but as the garden will host his best friend’s wedding, he couldn’t refuse it. If the wettest English Spring on record hasn’t completely blown his chances of getting the build completed for the big day, he’s also battling the snooty estates manager who couldn’t be less enthusiastic.


The stage is set for fireworks between the hot-tempered Irishman, and the cool, contained estates manager. But when mounting problems force them to work together, Connor realises that beneath her buttoned-up exterior, Ella has a passion equal to his own. Alongside a secret she’s hidden for years.


And as Ella fights to get the garden she hates built for the wedding she’d rather not attend and safeguard the Manor from unwelcome publicity, she’s increasingly drawn to the tempestuous designer. Who, she discovers, has his own secrets to protect…


Meet old friends from The Garden Plot in the next in the series of the English Garden Romance series.

Love in A Mist