Writing and me

Hello! Pleased to meet you. My name is Sara Sartagne

Having wanted to be a journalist when I was a teenager, I actually ended up on the dark side, in PR. From there, it was a short skip to writing for pleasure, and from there a slippery slope into the usual self-doubt which goes alongside the first faltering steps into any new venture.


I've relished my progress from the most hilarious romantic fiction course (in Italy, where else?), to my first faltering steps of actually drafting something and finally, finally finishing it.


I've turned to the bewildering task of self-publishing - and here I am. I'm learning about landing pages, websites, mailing lists, some strange technical things to do with Amazon and Kindle, and producing professional-looking covers on no money.


When someone suggested to me on Twitter that after finishing the book, the real work started, I thought they were mad. I’ve since learned very differently - but I’m still loving it. I hope you enjoy my site, my blog and eventually, my writing.


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