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Writing and me


Hello! Great that you're here!

Having wanted to be a journalist when she was a teenager, Sara actually ended up on the dark side, in PR. From there, it was a short skip to writing for pleasure, and from there to drafting her first book, The Garden Plot. This is the first novel in a romance series where gardens feature in a BIG way - she inherited green fingers from her wonderful grandmother and gardening is a passion.

Sara recently moved from London to York and is loving the open skies and the green fields. And a HUGE garden! Although not a country girl, she's discovered the joys of no streetlights, septic tanks and ordering logs. Going from an underground tube or bus every three minutes, bus timetables in a small Yorkshire town have been a bit of a shock.

Sara loves being a writer although it's not her only job - yet. She's keeping her fingers firmly crossed. The second book in the English Garden Romance series – Love in a Mist – was released in October 2020. The third book will be released in May 2021 - she hopes! What started as a triology has now become a quartet, so there's one more story to tell before the series ends.


When someone suggested to her that after finishing the book, the real work started, Sara thought they were mad. She's since learned very differently - but is still loving it.

She loves hearing from readers who have thoughts about her books and characters - and even about gardening! - so please sign up to her mailing list or make contact on Twitter - @Sarasartagneauthor

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