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A Bouquet of White Roses a novella
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A Bouquet of White Roses

Arranging flowers is no fun when you're in love with the groom...

Florist Dawn Andrews’ business is to create beautiful bouquets, not to break up relationships. But when she’s asked to arrange the flowers for the wedding of an old school friend, it’s hard to ignore her budding feelings.

Dawn is the loveliest woman that landscape gardener Sam Winterson has ever seen. But as an engaged man, he dismisses the growing chemistry between them.


Until, that is, Sam has to rescue Dawn from an assault outside a nightclub. While he’s only doing what any honourable man would, Sam finds himself caring rather too much about the florist with the heart-shaped face and sherry-brown eyes.


With the wedding only five months away, can they dismiss their mutual attraction and carry on as ‘just friends’?

A prequel to The Garden Plot

The Garden Plot - Book 1 of the English Garden Romance Series

A feisty garden designer with a green conscience. A successful, ruthless property magnate. A match-making teenager. What could possibly go wrong?

Desperate to keep her garden design company afloat, Sam doesn’t need a relationship – she needs business! All that stands between her and the commission that might save her company is reclusive businessman Jonas Keane.


Jonas Keane is not interested in the kind of woman who puts her career before her home and family. Been there, done that. Ordered to stay home to recuperate from illness is frustrating as hell – but it allows him to oversee the renovation of his own garden while staying a silent partner in a housing development. What he doesn’t expect is to run headlong into a budding romance with a blonde, pixie-faced gardener intent on upending his plans.


Jonas’ daughter Magda, fed up with her dad’s long hours and picture perfect girlfriends, believes bright, petite Sam is the perfect solution. When tension between Sam and Jonas mounts with the summer temperature, she’s thrilled. But a proposed housing development threatens Sam's beloved countryside, and suddenly, Magda's match-making plans hang in the balance.


Can Sam save the beauty spot from the bulldozers? Can Jonas put pleasure before business? And will Magda get her happy ever after?

Love in a Mist - Book 2 of the English Garden Romance Series

An artistocratic Englishwoman. A fiery Irishman. Two secrets they'd rather not share.

Ella Sanderson manages the farms and estate at Ashton Manor. She’s an old-fashioned girl who knows what she likes. And she doesn’t like the ultra-modern garden designed for the ancient house by horticulture’s bad boy, Connor McPherson.

Connor is just the type of man she’s learned to mistrust. Bright blue eyes and Irish charm may have captivated her employer Lady Susan—but not her! With all her protective instincts on high alert, Ella can’t overrule Lady Susan’s wishes for the garden, but she can just… not help.


Connor McPherson didn’t want the commission, but as the garden will host his best friend’s wedding, he couldn’t refuse it. If the wettest English weather on record hasn’t completely blown his chances of getting the build completed for the big day, he’s also battling the snooty estate manager who couldn’t be less enthusiastic.


The stage is set for fireworks between the hot-tempered Irishman and the cool, contained estate manager. But when mounting problems force them to work together, Connor realises that beneath her buttoned-up exterior, Ella has a passion equal to his own and a secret she’s hidden for years.

As Ella fights to get the garden she hates built in time for the wedding she’d rather not attend and safeguard the manor from unwelcome publicity, she’s increasingly drawn to the tempestuous designer. Who, she discovers, has his own secrets to protect…


Meet old friends from The Garden Plot in Book 2 of the English Garden Romance series.

Not a novel, but a freebie!

When I originally started to draft The Garden Plot, I wanted to include my personal photographs with some information about the flowers which inspired and accompanied the novel, and indeed the trilogy, the English Garden Romance series.

Sadly, the ambition to create novels illustrated with beautiful pictures, while a lovely idea, soon became unrealistically expensive. For one thing, colour printing on Amazon’s Print on Demand was too expensive for even my mother to buy, and on e-book, the glorious colours of the flowers simply disappeared into black and white.

So out they came - the photographs, the explanations of what the flowers ‘meant’, particularly in the Victorian era, when no-one spoke their minds, and the Latin names. As I became more embroiled in the writing, I gradually forgot about them and focused on creating pictures with my words and characters.

Until, in the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people clear out cupboards, I cleared out my photos…

And I remembered the work I’d done - trawling through books and the internet to find out more about the plants and flowers I’d chosen to link to a particular part of the story, even as a form of foreshadowing.

The next thought was to wonder if anyone else would be interested.

Which is what has led me here, to this (very) cheaply-produced document which shows a bit of my research, some of my photos and some wonderful images provided by some very talented photographers from Pixabay.

I hope you enjoy it - please let me know if you do!

The Visitor - a Duality Novel

Two outsiders connected by love. Four hundred years apart.

2019. Trainee teacher Stacie Hayward is spending the summer with her brilliant, academic family. And with her ghosts. It’s a strange gift that she’s had since childhood – and learned to keep quiet about.


When Stacie’s parents invite American professor Nate to stay, Stacie’s ghosts suddenly vanish. Then Stacie is visited by the ghost of a young woman who calls her cousin and who offers to protect her. But protect her from what?


1619. Sarah Bartlett, a young healer, is suspected of witchcraft. The only person to defend her is John Dillington, the new parson. But is he in love – or bewitched? And can he save her from the flames?


Alone and bewildered, Stacie uncovers more of her past and realises that choices made long ago are rippling through time to threaten her. History may be repeating itself – but this time, it’s Stacie who’s in danger.

The Visitor is the first in a new series of Duality Novels that always feature two storylines, somehow connected.


If you like contemporary romance interwoven with historical suspense and adventure, explore Sara Sartagne’s new novel today.

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The Glasshouse Effect - Book 3 of the English Garden Romance Series

Her dream job. Her too dreamy colleague…


Magda Keane has been waiting for this job her whole life – creating her design for the exotic gardens in the huge Arcadia glasshouse. This assignment could grow her developing reputation – even get her a partnership.

There are just two problems…


The first is enigmatic Vincenzo Mazzi, the Italian engineer in charge of the solar panels powering the glasshouse. She’s never forgotten how she threw herself at him, nor the humiliation of his polite rejection. The second is the unexplained failure of Vincenzo's system, which could blight her prospects quicker than an early frost.


For Vincenzo, Magda on site, in the flesh, is enough to give him sleepless nights. He’s been so intent on building his business, he’s kept his passion under lock and key.

Even worse, strange problems with his tried and tested system are giving him an almighty headache.  Working with Magda threatens both his hard-earned reputation and his self-imposed restraint.

Will this shared pressure drive them further apart? Or draw them together to finally face the attraction that never went away?