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You've got to have friends/2

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

I’ll be honest, it had been a pretty dire day. I’d slept badly. Then I missed my train because I miscalculated the time it would take on a Monday morning for the bus to crawl through town to the railway station. This cost me not only the price of the rail ticket (which was a fixed train) but also an additional sixty quid for another ticket. I missed my client meeting as she couldn’t move her meetings and I would be forty minutes late for our original one. This left me in London kicking my heels for three hours before my second meeting - and naturally I hadn’t brought any other work to keep me occupied.

AND ANOTHER THING…. Then the train back was delayed, which meant I missed the last bus to the Park and Ride where I’d left the car, and this cost me another £15 in cab fares. So grumpy was I when I looked at Twitter, I could have picked a fight with anyone. But there in my notifications was a share for the last blog I’d written (shamefully back in December) from the wonderful, fabulous @ReadingisourPas.

KINDNESS AND SUPPORT This supportive, kind, and endlessly positive Twitter account does what it says on the tin - reads a lot, retweets, blogs and reviews and is generally a rare ray of sunshine in a darkening world. I’ve been editing book 2 for what seems like years, but through the struggle they seem to have been there, urging me on. Tomorrow, it’s likely that I’ll complete the edit, send it out to a couple of trusted beta readers and start thinking about a cover. And go back to a draft cover for Book 1. And the back blurb. And the formatting. And the promotion - such as it’s possible for a minnow like me, swimming in the vast sea of books that is self-publishing.

SLIM CHANCE? I reckon my chance of earning much (if at all!) from my books are slim. But the support I’ve got from the reader community and @ReadingisourPas keeps that tiny spark of hope alive. So thank you.

(Thanks to Pixabay for the blog image)

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