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I’m a newbie writer, and I understand you’d rather not shell out your hard-earned cash unless you like what you’re buying. So, to enable you to see if you enjoy my writing, why not try a free copy of A Bouquet of White Roses, the prequel novella to my first book The Garden Plot? (Scroll down - it's there!)

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New for 2021!

It's out! the first book in the Duality series, my series where I tell two stories, involving two characters, but somehow connected.

The first book is called The Visitor and it's about Stacie, a young woman who becomes involved in resolving some unfinished history for one of her ancestors from 400 years ago. It's a bit witchy, it features two love stories and a bit of skullduggery, and I'm very excited about it.

And The Visitor is on Amazon now at a special low price - be warned, it goes up on April 8!

The Visitor

Two outsiders connected by love. Four hundred years apart.


2019. Trainee teacher Stacie Hayward is spending the summer with her brilliant, academic family. And with her ghosts. It’s a strange gift that she’s had since childhood – and learned to keep quiet about.

When Stacie’s parents invite American professor Nate to stay, Stacie’s ghosts suddenly vanish. Then Stacie is visited by the ghost of a young woman who calls her cousin and who offers to protect her. But protect her from what?

1619. Sarah Bartlett, a young healer, is suspected of witchcraft. The only person to defend her is John Dillington, the new parson. But is he in love – or bewitched? And can he save her from the flames?


Alone and bewildered, Stacie uncovers more of her past and realises that choices made long ago are rippling through time to threaten her. History may be repeating itself – but this time, it’s Stacie who’s in danger.

The Visitor is the first in a new series of Duality Novels that always feature two storylines, somehow connected.


If you like contemporary romance interwoven with historical suspense and adventure, explore Sara Sartagne’s new novel today.

A Bouquet of White Roses

Florist Dawn Andrews’ business is  to create beautiful bouquets, not to break up relationships. But when she’s asked to arrange the flowers for the wedding of an old school  friend, it’s hard to ignore her budding feelings.
Dawn is the loveliest woman that landscape gardener Sam Winterson has ever seen. But as an engaged man, he dismisses the growing chemistry  between them.
Until, that is, Sam has to rescue Dawn from an assault outside a  nightclub. While he’s only doing what any honourable man would, Sam finds himself caring rather too much about the florist with the  heart-shaped face and sherry-brown eyes.
With the wedding only five months away, can they dismiss their mutual attraction and carry on as ‘just friends’?


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