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writing about romance and the things that make life worth living
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Welcome to my website

I understand you’d rather not shell out your hard-earned cash unless you like what you’re buying. So, to enable you to see if you enjoy my writing, why not try a free copy of A Bouquet of White Roses, the prequel novella to my first book The Garden Plot? (Scroll down - it's there!)

And if you've read The Garden Plot, you might like to see what happened when Lisbeth disappeared to France for a holiday and returned a changed girl... In which case, download a copy of French Kissing for Beginners.

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New for 2023!

The final book in the English Garden Romance series is out next month. I've loved the characters and their stories, but now Lisbeth's story is complete, I'm ready to move on to other characters I've introduced. 

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A Wilder Heart

Is third time the charm?

An unexpected encounter with free-spirited artist Henri Jourdain makes environmental scientist Dr Lisbeth McAllen lose her legendary cool for the first time in a decade. Henri walked away from her when she was 17. This time, she leaves him.

Luckily Lisbeth has the perfect distraction—six months in Ferrandoch Forest advising a failing project to save the endangered Scottish wildcat. Within days she’s battling to secure the wildcats’ habitat, revitalise the struggling village, and preserve the barriers she built to advance her career. The barriers that keep her wilder side under wraps.


And then Henri arrives to paint a commission. She doesn’t need memories of a dreamy French summer and her first love affair. She doesn’t want his help. She certainly doesn’t long for his kisses…


The Highlands of Scotland cast a powerful spell, but will its magic convince Lisbeth she could have it all - a successful project and a soul-deep love with Henri? Will their romance be third time lucky?


A Wilder Heart is the final English Garden Romance book. If you like your women’s fiction with a twist of spice, a hint of the unknown and a spectacular backdrop, you’ll love the last instalment in Sara Sartagne’s series. 

And don't forget - you can read the prequel to Lisbeth's story in French Kissing for Beginners for FREE. Click the button below!


Coming soon!

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A Bouquet of White Roses

Florist Dawn Andrews’ business is  to create beautiful bouquets, not to break up relationships. But when she’s asked to arrange the flowers for the wedding of an old school  friend, it’s hard to ignore her budding feelings.
Dawn is the loveliest woman that landscape gardener Sam Winterson has ever seen. But as an engaged man, he dismisses the growing chemistry  between them.
Until, that is, Sam has to rescue Dawn from an assault outside a  nightclub. While he’s only doing what any honourable man would, Sam finds himself caring rather too much about the florist with the  heart-shaped face and sherry-brown eyes.
With the wedding only five months away, can they dismiss their mutual attraction and carry on as ‘just friends’?

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