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Desperate to keep her company afloat, designer Sam Winterson doesn’t need a relationship, she needs business! All that stands between her and the commission that might save her company is a mystery businessman. But when a proposed housing development threatens the tranquillity and beauty of her village, Sam’s determined to stop it.


Reclusive widower Jonas Keane is not interested in the kind of woman who puts her career before her home and family. Been there, done that. Ordered to stay home to recuperate from illness is as frustrating as hell – but it allows him to oversee the renovation of his own garden while staying a silent partner in a housing development. What he doesn’t expect is to run headlong into a budding romance with a blonde, pixie-faced gardener intent on upending his plans.


But Magda, Jonas’ daughter is tired of her work-obsessed dad and his picture-perfect girlfriends. She has a plot of her own. When she plants the seeds of romance, can love blossom between a ruthless businessman and an outspoken gardener with a green conscience?

The Garden Plot

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