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Celebrate good times - come on!

(spot the lyric....)

In these cold dark times, sometimes there doesn't seem much to celebrate. I'm of the view that if it there's nothing to get happy about, then we need to get creative.

I reach a big birthday this year. And frankly, although I could do without the additional weight of numbers - or the additional weight, truth be told - I needed to find something really positive to do. So for a birthday present, I'm releasing my second book.

And before you turn off, thinking this is just another sales post, I've also started to put notes in a big plastic jar, that once upon a time, held a lot of chocolates - you know, one of the 10,000 calories-in-one-place jars. And I'm filling it with scraps of paper.

On these scraps of paper are little notes of all the good things that have happened this year. And while the book is one of them, there are LOTS of others. Planting crab apple and hazel trees in the garden. Our first autumn raspberries. A visit from a friend socialising her puppy. Passing an online exam. Zoom calls with friends. My sister getting a new job after months of unhappiness and uncertainty. My mum's face when we surprised her during a lockdown. Finding a new face cream without palm oil and other nasties. A new client in my day job. Unearthing a lovely letter from an old boss. Connecting with old school friends through a Facebook Group.

A week or so ago, I posted a photo on my Twitter feed of the countryside near where I live. It's breathtaking. And I wrote:

'Everywhere, there IS beauty in the world. You just need to keep your eyes open...'

The picture is below and I'm wishing you beauty and celebrations.

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