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Speaking of romance

As it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect time to talk about romance writing.

Considering the statistics (romance sells more than science fiction, mystery and fantasy combined) it’s puzzling why so many people have such a poor view of the genre.

Any genre will have its own tropes and romance is no different – Alpha males, friends to lovers, the ‘working relationship’, a past that so damages one or other of the protagonists so they can’t love again, until…

Reading for pleasure – no, really

Reading for pleasure – no, really

Almost everything I read about writing a book requires you to read in your genre.  Or just read, period.

So, wanting to be a writer, I set about it with a vengeance. But when I read, the result has been one of two things.  It can make me think – “Oh great, perhaps I could do this. Press on, get it finished!”

Or, it's making me think – “What’s the point? This is miles better than anything I could produce! I’ll never get it finished, I’ll never get published….” Etc., etc.